Background check in Slovakia

Súkromný detektív


Background checks are one of the most common activities carried out by detective agencies.
Today, as information and interactions increasingly move into the virtual realm, thorough background checks are essential to identify and minimise potential risks.

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Background check in Slovakia
Background check in Slovakia

Private investigators and their know-how

As specialized professionals in the field of information gathering, some private detectives possess specific know-how that enables them to effectively analyze and evaluate the character, history and activities of persons.

One of the key aspects of this know-how is the ability to properly combine traditional screening methods with modern technology. Thanks to the development of digital tools, a private investigator can make use of various databases, social networks and online platforms to collect data about a person. However, this information needs context, which is often obtained through traditional methods.

It is important to note that not every entity that is licensed to operate a detective service can effectively vet a person. Members of our Association have won access to a variety of internal systems that allow them to efficiently and on a moment’s notice vet an individual or entity. This gives them a competitive advantage and ensures that their clients receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Ethics and integrity are also an important part of the know-how of private investigators. Background checks are a sensitive matter that can invade an individual’s privacy. Therefore, it is imperative that the detective adheres to all legal regulations and privacy policies. This includes not disclosing information without the client’s consent and ensuring that the data obtained is only used for the purposes for which it was intended.

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Our members are professionals with many years of experience and are fully capable of providing a comprehensive vetting service to the highest standards.

Thorough background checks are the basis for sound decision making and problem solving, whether in the business, professional or personal spheres.