Settlement of disputes in Slovakia

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Dispute settlement is an essential tool in resolving conflicts between different parties, such as business partners, neighbours or spouses.

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Settlement of disputes in Slovakia
Settlement of disputes in Slovakia

What are the most common types of disputes?

The types of disputes we encounter are diverse. In a commercial context, these are disputes relating to contracts, intellectual property rights or other commercial transactions. Neighbour disputes most often relate to noise, property use or property boundaries, while family disputes often relate to divorce, child custody or property division.

How do we settle disputes?

The dispute settlement process begins with a preliminary phase, which involves identifying the problem and the parties involved. This is followed by the choice of the method of settlement, be it mediation, arbitration, negotiation or legal action. The selection of the appropriate approach is followed by the implementation of the process, where the parties are actively involved in the chosen process in order to reach a solution. Once an agreement is reached, it is implemented in practice.
The advantages of dispute settlement are several, including the speed of the process, which is often faster than court proceedings, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and confidentiality. Unlike public court proceedings, many forms of dispute settlement keep information private.

Despite the many advantages, there are also challenges and limitations. These include the lack of authority in mediators or arbitrators to enforce agreements, as well as the complexity of some disputes, which may be too complex for simple resolution methods.

Given increasing globalisation and the complexity of business and personal relationships, the demand for dispute settlement services is expected to continue to grow. Innovations in this area, such as digital platforms for mediation or the use of artificial intelligence to analyse and predict the outcomes of disputes, suggest that the future of this service is dynamic