Property search in Slovakia

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One of the first methods often used in asset searches is to check public records and databases. These may contain information about assets such as real estate, vehicles or shares in companies. Public records may include records from the land registry office, company registers, patent databases and more…

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Property search in Slovakia
Property search in Slovakia

What types of property do private investigators look for?

The asset search process begins with gathering all available information about the person. This includes public records such as cadastral registers, business registers, court decisions and other official documents. These records often provide basic information about real estate, shares in companies and other assets.

How does property search work?

The asset search involves extensive analysis of available databases, registration records, financial and property records. Our experts focus on identifying and locating assets such as real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, investments and other assets of value. This service is crucial in many situations, including debt collection, divorce proceedings, inheritance disputes, or assessing the financial stability of potential business partners.

Modern methods and ethical approach

We use state-of-the-art tools and technology in our work. This includes advanced software solutions for data analysis, as well as access to exclusive databases that are out of the public domain. At the same time, we emphasize compliance with legal and ethical standards. We obtain and process all information in accordance with the law and with full respect for privacy.

Individualised approach

Each case is unique and requires a specific approach. Our firm takes an individualized approach to property searches, focusing on the client’s specific needs and goals. Whether it is an individual or a company, we strive to provide the most accurate and relevant information that can be crucial to their decisions and next steps.