Our membership is open to selected organisations

We value integrity, professionalism and high quality service. All of our members must demonstrate their skills and abilities, as well as a commitment to ethical standards in their profession.

Our statutes

Membership distribution

Membership in our Association brings unique access to internal projects. This distributed approach allows for more efficient use of internal resources while ensuring that members can optimize their participation and engagement within the organization in accordance with their professional skills and needs.
Členstvo - Slovenská Asociácia Súkromných Detektívov

Joining the Association is not just about membership of a professional community. It is also about working with an organisation that is committed to providing its members with opportunities to develop, learn and improve in their profession.

A member may be a legal person engaged in:

Detective work

Debt recovery


Investigative work

Honorary Member

A key prerequisite for obtaining this status is the long-term promotion of the Association’s interests as a full or associate member, in full compliance with the constitution. This condition ensures that Honorary Members truly represent the values and objectives of the Association.