Surveillance in Slovakia

Súkromný detektív


Surveillance is a technically and ethically demanding process that requires a considerable amount of expertise and experience. It aims to gather information about an individual’s movements, behaviour and interactions, while respecting legal frameworks and privacy.

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Surveillance in Slovakia
Surveillance in Slovakia

What are the methods of surveillance?

In practice, different methods of surveillance are used – physical tracking of a person, technical monitoring through mobile phone tracking, or a combination of both. Physical surveillance is often difficult and requires experience, quick decision-making and discretion. Technological surveillance, despite its effectiveness, requires legal authorization and technical expertise.

What tools are used in the surveillance of persons?

Surveillance of people and ethics

An important aspect of surveillance is ethics and compliance with the law. Private detective agencies must adhere to strict ethical and legal standards, including privacy and data protection laws. Without proper authorization and legal compliance, the activities of a detective agency could be considered illegal.

The monitoring of persons is a complex activity that requires a wide range of skills and competencies. Our members are trained and experienced in this type of activity. We have established cooperation with reputable partners within the Slovak Republic, which allows us to effectively carry out this key activity at the highest level.