Long-term cooperation

Dlhodobá spolupráca - Slovenská Asociácia Súkromných Detektívov

Our primary focus is on long-term partnerships with large corporations and businesses. We believe in the value of sustainable relationships and continuous cooperation.

Our experience is not limited to Slovakia. We have successfully implemented long-term cooperation in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Looking for your extended hand in Slovakia?

There is a key person within our Association who is responsible for communication with our partners. This person, often referred to as a consultant, ensures the efficient running and delegates tasks to the various departments within the Association. He or she is responsible for the proper management of resources, timeframes and communication channels.

Dlhodoba spolupraca Slovenska Asociacia Sukromnych Detektivov
Dlhodoba spolupraca Slovenska Asociacia Sukromnych Detektivov

Our experience 

International experience has enabled us to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge in the field of detective work. They allow us to adapt to the specific requirements and legal systems of individual countries, which makes us a reliable partner not only for domestic but also for international clients.

Our members are ready to solve even the most complex cases. Whether it is an individual request or a long-term cooperation. We focus on quality of service and creating trustworthy relationships with our partners.

Our expertise

Komplexná detektívna činnosť, ktorá zahŕňa detailné monitorovanie relevantných jednotlivcov alebo skupín s cieľom zhromaždiť dôležité informácie, preverovanie informácií a údajov s využitím našich odborných zručností a nástrojov ako aj vyšetrovanie širokého spektra podvodných činností vrátane finančných podvodov.

This activity involves the comprehensive collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of information from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats. A key part of our work is identifying trends, patterns and relationships in the data, enabling us to generate predictions about future events.

We specialize in penetration testing and auditing, which allows us to simulate potential attacks on information systems, identify vulnerabilities, and then help remediate those threats. At the same time, audits allow us to review and evaluate security practices, identify areas for improvement, and help partners meet regulatory and compliance requirements for IT security.

Our counter-surveillance work involves monitoring and analysing behaviour and movement to identify and disarm attempts at unauthorised surveillance, whether physical or digital. At the same time, we carry out counter-surveillance searches, which involve a thorough examination of premises, vehicles and digital systems.