Forensic analysis in Slovakia

Súkromný detektív


In the private sphere, forensic analysis is crucial in identifying suspects. Detective agencies often use forensic analysis to uncover hidden connections that might otherwise go unnoticed. Whether it’s digital clues on the internet, genetic traits in biological evidence, or unique characteristics in handwriting analysis.

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Forensic analysis in Slovakia
Forensic analysis in Slovakia

The use of forensic analysis often achieves results.

In the context of a legal defense, forensic analysis can help provide evidence that can assist in a client’s defense. Slovak legislation does not yet allow detectives to include forensic findings in evidence for possible trial, as such evidence would be illegal, but the judge cannot say that he has not seen the evidence.

What types of forensic analysis are there?

Key areas of forensic analysis

Forensic computer science: focuses on the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data from electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones or storage media.

Forensic Documentology: Examines written documents to identify forgeries, signatures, or to identify typewriters and printers.

Forensic Dactyloscopy: Analyzes fingerprints or palm prints to identify individuals.

Forensic ballistics: Deals with the identification and analysis of firearms and ammunition.

Forensic Toxicology: Detects and analyzes toxic substances, drugs or poisons in biological samples.

Forensic analysis is a tool of private investigators seeking to verify or refute allegations, identify a perpetrator, or obtain detailed information about a specific incident. Thanks to advances in technology and science, today’s forensic methods are more accurate and reliable than ever before.

For effective forensic analysis, training and the right equipment are essential.

Forensic analysis in detective bureaus is a combination of science and investigation, allowing detectives to provide accurate and trustworthy results to their clients.