Finding information in Slovakia

Súkromný detektív


This service is aimed at gathering and analysing information from a variety of sources, both public and non-public, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of a specified entity or situation.

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Finding information in Slovakia
Finding information in Slovakia

Public databases: This type of resource includes information that is freely available or accessible under certain conditions. Examples of such sources include cadastral registers, business registers, public court records, media archives and various online databases. By using these sources, your detective agency can provide information such as property holdings, business connections, litigation history, and other relevant data.

Non-public databases: These resources are limited and not freely available to the public. Access to them may be obtained through special permits, licenses, or through professional networks. Non-public databases may contain more sensitive information such as financial records, details of personal life, or information obtained from the detective agency’s own sources and contacts.

Analysis and interpretation of information: a key part of the service is the ability to not only obtain the information, but also to analyze and interpret it correctly. Your detective agency should have professionals capable of evaluating the data collected, identifying patterns, potential risks or opportunities, and providing the client with a summary report to assist in the decision-making process.

Ethics and legality: It is important to emphasize that the gathering and processing of information must be done in accordance with the law and ethical standards. Your detective agency should ensure that all information obtained is legal and does not invade the privacy of individuals without just cause.

This service is suitable for clients who need detailed information in a variety of situations – from business transactions, to legal disputes, to personal matters. Your professional approach and expertise will ensure that clients get all the information they need to make their decisions.