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Private investigator Europe

Private investigator Europe, also known as a private investigator, provides a wide range of investigative services to individuals and corporations. Their work can be extremely varied and often involves gathering information, surveillance, tracking and securing evidence.

Private detectives must hold a professional licence and work for a detective agency licensed to provide detective services in Europe. Qualifications and requirements vary but usually include some training and experience. They also often have a background in law, intelligence or the police.

The private detective is surrounded by an aura of mystery and fascination. He is often seen as a character from the movies, but the reality of his work is rooted in much more practical and methodical practices.

Techniques and Tools Used

A private investigator uses a variety of techniques and tools in his investigations. One of the basic methods is physical surveillance, where a suspect is followed with an emphasis on discretion. This process requires not only patience, but also knowledge of techniques to ensure that the detective remains unobserved.

Nowadays, the digital world has had a great impact on the methods they use. Digital investigations involve monitoring online activities, using databases to find information, and analyzing digital traces left on the internet.

It also often works with cybersecurity experts and uses specialized software to uncover important information secured or deleted from electronic devices. This can be extremely useful when dealing with cases involving cybercrime or recovering important data.


Effective communication is another essential skill. A private investigator must be able to conduct an interview, ask questions and listen actively to uncover information that might otherwise remain hidden.


All findings must be meticulously documented. The private investigator prepares reports that summarize the findings and provide clear and understandable evidence for clients or, if necessary, for legal purposes.

private investigator europe

Within our professional framework, all activities are carried out through our members who are duly licensed to provide detective services according to Act No. 473/2005 Coll. on the provision of services in the field of private security.